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7lbs each


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12 in stock


Our USDA Choice Natural Brisket flat each weighs about 7 lbs. One of our favorite way to make a brisket meal for our family is to make brisket elotes!

These brisket elotes are inspired by a visit with our son, attending Texas Tech University in Lubbock, Texas. While there, we went to a concert at a fabulous outdoor venue, Cook’s Garage, where there was an assortment of food trucks.  It was hard to choose because there were so many different options. Finally, I picked the brisket elotes, and my life was changed! So, I knew I had to come home and try it for myself. Check out the recipe here.

What is a brisket?
The brisket is one of the nine primal cuts of the steer. There are two briskets on the steer. They come from the breast or lower chest of the animal and are located just below the chuck (shoulder).

A little about our beef:

The families of Painted Hills Natural Beef are ranchers in Wheeler County, Central Oregon, and have raised cattle and stewarded the land in the shadow of the state’s famed Painted Hills for generations. So, while times have changed in the last two and a half decades, ranching the way nature intended has not. We’re proud to pasture raise our cattle without added hormones and no antibiotics because we raise a beef product as striking as the natural wonders it’s named after.

Again, we thank you for trusting us to feed you, your friends, and your family. Please share the finished product with us at Painted Hills Natural Beef on Facebook and Instagram. 

Each Natural Brisket is packaged and sold individually.


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12 in stock

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