Meal Type: Holiday/Gathering

Gabrielle’s Prime Rib

Tender Prime Ribs served with fresh Corn on the cob, Fresh melon, Caprese salad, Mushroom risotto, Sautéed fresh Zucchini, Sweet onions.

Trey’s Carne Asada

Need a new version of carne asada? Trey’s Carne Asada is a citrus-inspired carne asada meal that gives you a perfect blend of tropical and savory. This is the Painted Hills Natural Beef team’s favorite way to cook a flank or skirt steak. If you find yourself leery of cooking this cut of meat, you’ve …

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grilled Picanha in a wrapper

Will’s Grilled Picanha

Simple and savory, it’s what’s for dinner. This grilled Picanha is so simple to cook. Even those who aren’t considered grill masters can handle this one; try it! With just a bit of seasoning, olive oil, and a few minutes on the grill, dinner will be served. What is a picanha? A cut of beef …

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sweetheart steak recipe

Sweetheart Steak

A meal to celebrate you and your special someone. If food is your love language, this sweetheart steak will be the perfect dinner for two. With a boneless strip steak or boneless rib steak, slice along the middle to butterfly it into the shape of a heart. The strip steak is tender, lean, and perfect …

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grass-fed beef burger recipe

Red, White and Blue Burger

Do you need a new delicious burger recipe? This one will be a new family favorite as it’s bursting with so much flavor. From the blue cheese to the Italian herbs, your tastebud will throw a party. It’s a great recipe for your 4th of July party or if you just want to step outside …

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Graveyard Dogs Pizza

“Graveyard Dogs” Pizza

You know it’s coming… the dreaded “what’s for dinner?” question. Luckily, dinner is our love language, and we love helping busy moms and all-around beef-lovers meal prep with unique recipes. So we’ve got a fun, quick and easy pizza recipe for you! Woo, doggie! This spin on a good ol’ hot dog and homemade pizza …

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how to cook a chuck roast in the oven

Holiday Chuck Roast

How to cook a chuck roast: This is one of those meals that you find yourself going back to repeatedly. By using a Painted Hills Natural Beef Roast, we can guarantee it makes the meal so much more incising. This is because it’s so tender and consistently delectable. Of course, you can use any roast …

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