Gift Guide for the Guys

Gift Guides for Guys

The ultimate gift guide for all the guys who test click tongs; ranging from seasoned pitmasters to BBQ enthusiasts. This curated collection is crafted by the Painted Hills Natural Beef team who shares a love for grilling, just like the guys in your life (probably).

  1. BBQ Meat Hook 

    If you watch our grilling videos, you’ll see us using a meat hook to flip our beef with.  This is a perfect gift for anyone who loves to spend time at the grill. This all-in-one tool replaces your spatula, tongs, and fork, saving the hassle of switching between utensils and also less dishes once dinner is devoured!

  2. Meater Thermometers

    These thermometers are wire-free and you can monitor your cook from a phone or tablet over Bluetooth. Even with several different editions, all Meater’s have 2 Sensors in 1 Probe monitoring internal meat temperature and ambient. They all walk you through every step of the cooking process for guarantee perfect and consistent results with the guided cook system. Check them out!

  3.  Rainier Foods Seasonings – the PERFECT stocking stuffer!  

    All of us at Painted Hills Natural Beef consistently use Rainier seasoning when cooking. They have a variety of seasoning blends, dry rubs, and individual spices that are perfect for any meal and make the perfect stocking stuffer!

  4. A Cutting Board or Resting Board

    You can’t have too many cutting and/or resting boards ready when you’re grilling. You’ll want to allow for beef to rest for juiciness, tenderness, and flavor development. You might as well have it rest on a pretty wooden board made to catch all the juice and allow the beef to soak it back up! Plus, it’ll be thick enough you can cut it on the same board. 

  5. A box of beef from Painted Hills Natural Beef

    The tradition of gifting food for Christmas has deep cultural and historical roots. We love the idea of gifting beef (not just because we love beef or sell beef) because sharing food symbolizes the sharing of blessings and goodwill. Cooking and preparing food for others can be a form of service and care. During the Christmas season, people often go the extra mile to create delicious meals or treats as a way to express love and thoughtfulness. Plus, groceries are just expensive these days and any help we can get, we’re taking! When you give the gift of a box of beef, you’re gifting groceries and a day of cooking with and for their loved ones. We truly believe it can’t get any better than that.

    Stock up on Black Friday when we’re putting groceries on sale!

                         Are you ready to try Painted Hills Natural Beef?

gift guide for guys

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