What is naturally raised beef?

Knowing where your beef comes from is a movement we support through and through. As you rise up to question how food was raised and processed, we’re happy to be transparent and answer those questions. 

What is naturally raised beef?
As per the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA), products labeled as natural are products containing no artificial ingredients or added colors and are only minimally processed. At Painted Hills Natural Beef, we take it a step further. We only work with trusted partners that follow our protocols. We raise cattle without using antibiotics, added hormones, and the feeding of animal by-products. 

Generic beef in grocery stores is inconsistent and doesn’t reflect the effort of hard-working ranchers. Packing plants are notorious for combining products from other producers and turning beef into an unidentified, generic product. Here, we only work with trusted partners to ensure quality service and attention to detail from start to finish. Regardless of the cut of beef or the preparation, you know you are getting the best beef from people you can trust. USDA Choice and Prime grade beef like you would find in a high-end steakhouse, but you can serve in your home. The same beef we feed our families.

Where our beef comes from:
At Painted Hills Natural Beef, we’re proud to produce high-quality beef with exceptional flavor, tenderness, and consistency. Our premium quality products are from real ranchers who raise cattle with the utmost care in the Pacific Northwest. Our beef is from family ranches in the Northwest, several of whom are founding members of Painted Hills Natural Beef, which began in 1997. 

We value your business and strive to earn your trust. Our member ranchers and employees are hands-on working the ranches but enjoy visiting stores, talking with customers, checking on our supply chain, and managing the business from the ground up. If you want to know more about us, call us, and we will give it to you straight.

What is naturally raised beef?


What is naturally raised beef?

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