At Painted Hills Natural Beef, we slow the process of raising cattle to create a superior product. As always, we pride ourselves on selling USDA Choice and Prime grade beef. Now you can enjoy beef you would find in a high-end steakhouse served right at your own home.

The same beef we feed our families. Get the break down on what is natural choice beef is here:

What is natural beef?

The cattle that go in this program never receive added hormones or antibiotics, which slows the process of creating a superior product. Finished on a balanced diet that includes grain, hay, and nutritional supplements we ensure the cattle are well cared for.

What is choice beef?

Painted Hills Natural Beef USDA Choice Beef is the second highest quality grade of beef. So, you still enjoy high-quality beef raised without the use of hormones or antibiotics, this beef is just not quite as marbled as Prime. Very forgiving to cook with, Choice beef is tender and flavorful. With our beef, you will find the same delicious flavor profile throughout all cuts, from ground beef to tenderloin. Our Choice beef is served at restaurants across the country, winning blind taste tests over and over. These cattle are ranch raised and finished on a veterinarian-managed balanced diet that includes hay and grain.

In short, natural beef is how it was raised, choice beef is the quality grade it receives from the United States Department of Agriculture. 

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