New York Roast

The Natural New York roast is commonly referred to as the top loin roast and is well-known and loved for large gatherings.


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42 in stock


The Natural New York roast (also known as Top Loin Roast) is a lean cut (sometimes with a cap) from the loin. This roast is a great choice for large family gatherings. It’s leaner, cooks faster, and is less expensive.

We suggest you cook this cut the same way as you cook a prime rib. So, start it hot in the oven at 450 degrees for 15 minutes. Then, turn the heat down to 275 degrees and cook till the internal temperature is 125 degrees for medium rare and 135 degrees for medium. Don’t forget to let it rest for 15 minutes before cutting after you pull this cut from the oven.

This flavor-packed roast doesn’t require too much. Salt, pepper, maybe some garlic… ready to go.

A little about our beef:

Ranchers of Painted Hills Natural Beef are in Wheeler County, Central Oregon, and raise cattle while stewarding the land in the shadow of the state’s famed Painted Hills. So, while times have changed in 25 years, ranching the way nature intended has not.

Above all, we proudly pasture-raised cattle without added hormones and no antibiotics. We raise a beef product as striking as the natural wonders it’s named after.

Again, thank you for trusting us to feed you, your friends, and your family. Please share the finished product with us at Painted Hills Natural Beef on Facebook and Instagram.

Each Natural New York Roast is an average of 5-6 lbs. 


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42 in stock

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