Gabrielle’s Culottes Stir Fry

culottes stri fry recipe

The culottes stir fry recipe starts with the perfect culotte cut. What is a culotte cut? A piece is cut from the triangle-shaped muscle caps that cover the Top Sirloin. Typically, it’s a leaner cut with some marbling, making a juicy and savory meal. Even better, this stir fry recipe is loaded with extra flavor […]

Will’s Grilled Picanha

grilled Picanha in a wrapper

Simple and savory, it’s what’s for dinner. This grilled Picanha is so simple to cook. Even those who aren’t considered grill masters can handle this one; try it! With just a bit of seasoning, olive oil, and a few minutes on the grill, dinner will be served. What is a picanha? A cut of beef […]