Whiskey Stew Recipe

Whiskey Stew in a bowl with bread and butter on the side

Lets learn how to make this whiskey stew recipe (unless you use Pendleton, then it’s whisky)! This meal had a wonderful rich flavor. I should have doubled it, I shared it with my parents and in-laws, so we didn’t get more than a taste! It made about 4 good servings. We think this is a […]

Chuck Roast

chuck roast in packaging

On a cold, blustery day on the ranch, nothing is better than a chuck roast cooking away in the oven. Served best with mashed potatoes and broccoli I think…but last night it was brown rice and sauteed brussels sprouts. What is a chuck roast: The cut location is from the center portion of the Chuck […]

Keys Ranch Smoked Chuck Roast

hot to make a chuck roast recipe

What is a chuck roast? It comes from the shoulder area and yields cuts known for their rich, beefy flavor. The roast is ideal for slow-cooking: braising and pressure cookers. The chuck roast has a great, rich flavor that cooks to perfection on low heat. We will walk you through cooking a roast in the […]

Holiday Chuck Roast

how to cook a chuck roast in the oven

How to cook a chuck roast: This is one of those meals that you find yourself going back to repeatedly. By using a Painted Hills Natural Beef Roast, we can guarantee it makes the meal so much more incising. This is because it’s so tender and consistently delectable. Of course, you can use any roast […]