Do I put sauce on my steak?

Do I put sauce on my steak?

If enjoy the natural beefy flavor of a steak, you probably prefer to enjoy it without any sauces. Chances are, you’ve perfected your seasonings and cooked your steak with the perfect blend of temperature, pellets, and time. 

However, if you’re looking for a sauce to complement your steak and enhance its natural flavor. Here’s a few sauces we can get behind: 

  1. Mushroom sauce: A creamy mushroom sauce can be a delightful accompaniment to steak, adding richness and earthy flavors.

  2. Peppercorn sauce: A classic peppercorn sauce made with green or black peppercorns, cream, and sometimes brandy or cognac can add a bold and peppery taste.

  3. Béarnaise sauce: A French sauce made with egg yolks, butter, tarragon, and shallots can add a luxurious and herbaceous touch to the steak.

  4. Chimichurri: This is a vibrant and fresh sauce made with parsley, garlic, olive oil, and vinegar, commonly served with grilled meats, including steak.

  5. Au jus: It refers to serving meat, particularly beef or lamb, with its own natural juices or a light, flavorful broth made from the drippings of the cooked meat. The purpose of serving meat au jus is to add moisture and enhance the flavor of the dish.

While you can grab sauces off the shelf at the grocery store, the above will next-level your entreè with premier ingredients and superior taste. 

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Do I put sauce on my steak?

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