Why should you slow thaw frozen meat?

We know how it goes. You think about it, get busy, and forget until you need to be preparing. At that point, it’s been sitting in the freezer for who knows how long and is frozen solid. You resort to scolding hot water in a bowl and let it defrost within a few minutes. 

While we understand the why behind it, we want to let you in on a little secret. Here’s why you should slow thaw frozen meat. Quick thawing your beef is degrading the quality, taste, and also has a few safety concerns.

Why should you slow thaw frozen meat?

3 reasons to remember to thaw your dinner in the AM:
  1. Texture and Juiciness: Slow thawing helps preserve the texture and juiciness of the beef. Rapid thawing methods like microwaving or placing the meat in hot water can cause the meat to become tough and dry, resulting in a less than satisfactory meal. 

  2. Quality Retention: Slow thawing helps maintain the quality of the beef. Freezing causes water molecules in the meat to form ice crystals, which can damage the meat’s cells and lead to moisture loss. Slow thawing allows these ice crystals to gradually melt, minimizing damage to the meat’s structure. Our process on the ranch takes 14 months to ensure you get superior tasting beef every time, don’t reduce the quality in the thawing process. 

  3. Safety Concerns: Thawing meat at room temperature or in warm water creates the perfect environment for bacteria growth. By slow thawing your beef in the refrigerator your meat is kept at a safe temperature, reducing the risk of bacteria. If you need to quick thaw beef in warm water or in the microwave, we recommend cooking immediately. 

If you seem to keep forgetting to put your freezer stash in the fridge in the AM, we’ve started the routine of moving it over the night before. It’s the same concept of putting a warm bottle of water in the fridge when you take one out. While cooking dinner, as we remove ingredients out, we replenish our fridge meat supply. Even if you don’t use it the next night, it’ll be there for when you do use it. 

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Why should you slow thaw frozen meat?

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