OMSI after Dark : Spirits

Ghosts, goblins, and whiskey, oh my! Get in the spirit and celebrate Halloween—costumes HIGHLY encouraged (please no fake weapons or full face paint).

Shoot off water rockets, concoct chemical creations, and explore the wonders of OMSI with no kids in sight! Enjoy a glass of wine while learning about robots, tornados, or fossils. Talk to a brewer about the science behind beer, or sample products from local artisans.

All that and more with OMSI After Dark, a night at the museum for the 21-and-over crowd filled with food, drink, and science fun!

Drunk Goggles | Visitors will try to complete various activities including a field sobriety test and miniature golf while wearing beer goggles.

Money to Burn | Alcohol can ignite more than just a party

The Toxicology of Intoxication | Experience the nuances of alcohol detoxification first-hand as we explore what happens inside your body when you enjoy your After Dark beverages.

Flamebuoyant Stilt Walkers

The Coffers | 7, 8 & 9 PM in the Auditorium

The Art of the Spooky Soundtrack | All Classical Portland | 8PM

Core Issues Game

Help prevent disaster at the Assembly of Intergalactic Scientists!  A delivery drone went off course and broke apart upon reentry.  While the experimental antimatter core it was carrying has been recovered, the blackboxes containing the maintenance instructions have not.  Use your interplanetary charm, wayfinding skills, and attention to detail to gather the vital information and diffuse the core before it goes critical. ~ Sign up at the registration table in the lobby.