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In the world of commerce today, there are more options than ever before. Names and labels bombard shoppers at every location. Consumers everywhere are comparing and contrasting products on a regular basis.


And so you may ask, why choose Painted Hill Natural or Grass-fed beef?

We’ll tell you.

Whether you’re enjoying one of our thick, tender steaks, a juicy burger, or a traditional Sunday roast beef, you can be confident that Painted Hills Natural Beef will simply be the best beef you’ve ever had. That’s because we raise our cattle the way nature intended, resulting in a superior beef that provides a consistent experience, from cooking to enjoying- no matter the beef, no matter the preparation.

Safety: NO added hormones and NEVER given antibiotics. We never feed our cattle ANY animal by-products.

Quality: Among our Board of Directors alone, we combine over 150 years of ranching experience that spans generations. This is the experience that goes into raising Painted Hills Natural Beef. We remember what fresh, high quality, natural beef tastes like, because that’s what we’re used to. That’s what we feed our families. It really is “beef the way nature intended”

Trust: At Painted Hills, we appreciate your business. It’s not just business, it’s about relationships. Relationships are built on trust. So we work extra hard to gain and maintain your trust. Give us a call, we’ll give it to you straight.

With the current level of awareness and sophistication in the retail market these days, consumers are demanding a better beef product – and they should! With Painted Hills Natural Beef, you never have to wonder where your beef is coming from.

Satisfaction: If you are ever not 10

0% satisfied with any of our beef, just let us know, and we will refund your money. We’re that confident you’ll enjoy Painted Hills Natural Beef every bit as much as we do, every time.


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For years, Painted Hills Natural Beef has been stressing safety as a key component of what we offer in the beef we raise, brand and serve. If you could raise cattle from birth, let them feed on grass then feed it locally-grown alfalfa hay, co

rn, and other available food sources for a few finishing months and NO animal feed of any kind, you would be fully confident in your beef! Painted Hills just does that for you – in our own spacious 10,000 acre back yard.

Flavor: Our cattle are fed a 100% Vegetarian diet. This begins at birth and means that they are never fed any animal bi-products. For a large part of the animals’ lives, they range freely in the rolling grass hills of their family farms here in the Pacific Northwest. At the age of approximately 14 months, our cattle are carefully moved to a spacious feeding facility for finishing. At this point, they are fed a combination of locally grown barley, corn and alfalfa hay. In our experience, this is what lends to the extraordinary flavor of our beef.

Consistency: All of our producers must follow our strict protocols before their cattle can be called Painted Hills Natural Beef. Participating ranchers sign legal affidavits guaranteeing their adherence to our standards. This way we ensure that you get the same great taste every time!

In addition to our Retail Beef Cuts, Painted Hills Natural Beef is proud to offer you the following 100% All Natural Beef Products:

NO nitrates or preservatives are added to our products!

Deli Meats
Deli Roast Beef
Deli Pastrami

Breakfast Meats
Beef Bacon 12oz.
Peppered Beef Bacon 12oz.
Breakfast Sausage 12oz. (Case Ready)

Specialty Cuts
Flat Iron (Case Ready)
Beef Kabob (Case Ready)
Skirt Steaks (Case Ready)
Fresh Corned Beef
Ossu Bucco (Sliced Shank)

Franks, Dogs & Sausages
Hot Dogs

German Sausage
Burnin’ Germans
Smoked Beef Stick

Pepperoni & Jerky
All Natural Pepperoni Sticks
Teriyaki Beef Jerky
Peppercorn Jerky
Hickory Smoked Jerky
Campfire BBQ Jerky


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From the heart of the Pacific Northwest comes a grass-fed beef product you can feel good about. You can count on the same great cattle as the Painted Hills Natural Beef Program. These pasture raised cattle are simply maintained on a grass-fed diet for those customers looking for the unique characteristics of grass-fed beef.

Our Grass-Fed Beef is raised with:
* No Added Hormones
* No Added Antibiotics
* 100% Corn-Free Vegetarian Diet

All our Grass-Fed Beef is:
* Naturally Flavorful
* Traceable Farm to Fork

* Angus Cross Cattle
* USDA inspected
* Source Verified
* Locally Pasture Raised

We currently offer the following Grass-Fed Beef Products. Please call for additional information on specific cuts and availability.

* Chuck
* Rib
* Loin
* Round
* Thin Meats
* Trim
* Offal



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Prime Beef available now!

Be sure to stop in and ask your Meat Manager what cuts of Prime Beef they have available.




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Wholesome Ranching…The Painted Hills Natural Beef Way.

Painted Hills Natural Beef ranchers appreciate your concern for the welfare of animals and stewardship of our land. The ethics of humane animal husbandry and resource management are matters of importance that we are happy to share with you.

Our ranchers come from a long ranching tradition and live on their own land. The quality of care they devote to their land and animals reflects a tradition that has been handed down to them through the generations. These ethics run deep. It is the desire of each rancher and their families to maintain and give great care to our rangeland and natural resources. This isn’t just a job, it’s our life.

Respect for our animals

Humane treatment of our animals is of paramount importance to us. The care we give our animals begins at birth. Through meticulous documentation of breed, ownership, diet and veterinary history we ensure that our protocol of care and humane practices is followed throughout the animal’s life. Each animal is born, raised and processed in the Pacific Northwest. We believe in ranching practices that demonstrate respect and concern for our animals.

Throughout their lives, our animals are provided with plenty of clean water and food in a manner that does not require undue competition. Why fight for free food? We do not feed any animal by-products to our cattle. Period. They receive a 100% vegetarian diet throughout their lives. This is just one thing that gives our beef such a great taste. But more than that, others agree that it’s just good for the cattle. According to the American Humane Association’s Welfare Standards for Cattle, this is a guideline for humane farm animal care and welfare.

No Painted Hills beef animal has ever received antibiotics. Occasionally, an animal does become ill for one reason or another. At that time, the affected animal is given treatment and promptly removed from our program and sold elsewhere, to assure humane standards of care, while keeping our beef free of excess antibiotics.

Our cattle are never transported by rail cars or crowded in trucks for the moderate distances from ranch to feedlot and from feedlot to processing. Our truck drivers drive slowly and cautiously to avoid causing excess stress to our cattle.

Extra care

Painted Hills Natural Beef gives its animals extra care all throughout their lives, and that care translates into safety and natural health in our beef. It also translates into outstanding flavor, texture and overall food quality.

This extra care extends to the standards of quality in the natural line feeding facilities and processing plants that we have partnered with. Our cattle range freely on their family ranches until about fourteen months of age. They are then moved to a clean and spacious feeding facility. Y-1 Farms in rural Vale, Oregon is one such partner. Y-1 grows the majority of its own corn. That corn, in combination with barley and alfalfa hay is fed to our cattle during the “finishing” stage before processing. This feed is at the same quality standards as for human consumption. We could be eating the same thing!

Our natural cattle are fed twice a day, which keeps the feed fresh. They always have plenty of clean, chemical-free water. There is approximately three feet of room at the trough for every animal. All the cattle can eat at once and don’t need to compete for food. There is approximately one full acre for every one hundred animals, with plenty of ranging room and high ground. This way, if it rains, they are never forced to stand in mud. In the summer, sprinklers are turned on for the cattle so that they are kept comfortable and hydrated in the heat of the day. Our cattle are given nutritional supplements including Vitamin A and a double-dose of Vitamin E. Vitamin A and Vitamin E help strengthen natural immunities, and help our beef to retain its freshness – naturally.

Our Commitment

We are committed to the high standards of quality in selecting, raising, feeding and processing our beef; it is the foundation of our brand. With our quality program, you can be assured that when you eat our beef, you are getting the best in terms of health and safety. An animal that is healthy enough not to need antibiotics is one that has been well cared for and has the inner vitality to thrive naturally. That’s why we do things the way we do. We understand that quality care translates into safe and quality meat – and that’s important to us.

We are honored to be invited to your family dinner table. Whether we’re fixing fence or cutting hay, the hard work that we put into managing our ranches is done with your breakfast, lunch or dinner table in mind. As partners with you, we provide healthy and delicious beef. And each time you buy Painted Hills Natural Beef, you are directly supporting independent ranchers who work hard to preserve the ranching tradition that is a way of life for us, our animals, and our rangeland.

We hope you enjoy!



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