WhoopEmUp Hollow Cafe

WhoopEmUp Hollow Café is one of those unexpected delightful surprises you find in small town USA. Located in the sleepy town of Waitsberg, a short 20-mile drive from Walla Walla, WA, WhoopEmUp has been open since 2005. The cafe takes its name from a local hollow where legendary parties were once hosted by its residents. Specializing in Southern Regional Cuisine, foods are locally sourced whenever possible. Menu choices include the many flavors and cultures that make up the American South.
Chef Bryant Bader creates a menu that features southern favorites such as Hushpuppies, File Gumbo, and Bry’s Famous Jambalaya. Just in case you’re looking for something a bit more familiar try the Waitsburger, a fresh ground PHNB ribeye burger served on a house made bun or the “Wide Awake” Steak, an 8 oz PHNB ribeye steak grilled with a spiced coffee rub.
Whatever you choice, the service is remarkably personable and attentive. The wait-staff is very helpful in recommending items in case you’re unfamiliar with Southern foods. The bread basket served before your meal holds a variety of freshly baked cornbreads with honey butter. Be sure to save room for the awesome desserts, including the very southern Mississippi Mud Pie.
Anytime you’re near the Walla Walla area, we highly recommend you take some time to stop in at WhoopEmUp Hollow Café! True to small town habits, the hours can be casual, so if you’re driving out of your way you’ll want to check in first.
120 Main Street, Waitsburg, WA. 509.337.9000