Meet Me- Brian Brozovic

Hi, I’m Brian Brozovic, the new Outside Sales guy here at PHNB. I’ve been in the beef and meat industry my entire professional brian-brozovic-2career. I used to sell PHNB product as a distributor and in my butcher shop years back and always had a fantastic experience. When I was introduced to the PHNB staff and family, I immediately fell in love and felt at home. They are the most welcoming and enjoyable group of folks to work with.I enjoy being able to travel around and meet new people and see how PHNB and I can help others. Many of my clients become lifelong friends; I really enjoy that level of commitment and dedication. At PHNB I get to work with some of the most talented chefs, butchers, and meat market managers there are in the industry. I get to provide help and guidance and in return they teach me a thing or two about what they do. I always enjoy learning!I have an amazing family that is my driving force in life. Everything I do is because and for them. My wife and I share three beautiful children and Lucky, a 5-year-old Yorkie-Poo.I love being able to give back to my community through volunteer work. In addition, I am passionate about food, of course, and my primary interest rests in BBQ and Charcuterie. I also enjoy the outdoors and nature.My favorite cut of beef? Being a native Texan, I would say that a nice smoked brisket is pretty high on my list. Other than that I am a huge fan of the lesser known cuts such as the hanging tender and the spinalis dorsi cooked medium rare-rare over wood briquettes.