It takes a community: Grass-fed beef


In part five of our series on the beef community responsible for the care and nurturing of Painted Hills Natural Beef (PHNB) we pause to learn about our grass-fed program. In response to customer demand, in 2011 PHNB introduced Painted Hills Grass-Fed Beef for those customers looking for
the unique characteristics of grass-fed beef.

Like the cattle in our Natural program, our Grass-Fed cattle are raised with no added hormones or antibiotics then feed on open rolling hills, maintained on a 100% grass-fed diet their entire lives. This creates a lean, flavorful grass-fed product you can feel good about.

What are the challenges for grass-fed cattle ranchers? Cattle raised entirely on grass mature more slowly, lengthening the production time, and the carcass weight is often less at harvest.


Additionally, pasture grasses are available for about four months of the year, after that supplemental hay must be provided. Adapting a variety of grazing strategies can allow ranchers to have enough pastures to produce hay for winter seasons.

When you are looking for USDA inspected beef that is source verified and traceable ranch to plate you will find Painted Hills Grass-Fed Beef is “beef you can trust”. The community members responsible for getting our products to your neighborhood.