Cut of the Month – Top Sirloin

Top sirloin 2Known by many names, the Top Sirloin steak has been an amazing cut since the butchery of beef begun. Folklore claims the King of England knighted his loin “Sir Loin, Baron of Beef” after a memorable experience. In fact, “sirloin” is derived from Middle English and Old French, and roughly translates to “above the loin” referring to its position on the beef carcass.
The Top Sirloin is one of the most versatile steaks. It is well-flavored, juicy, tender, and nutritious. According to USDA guidelines, the Top Sirloin is a lean beef cut perfect for those on a strict diet or demanding healthier alternatives.
More flavorful than a tenderloin, ribeye, or NY Strip, the Top Sirloin combines both flavor and tenderness to yield a quality dining experience at a moderate price. It can be prepared many ways, though, grilled or broiled is suggested. Additionally, the Top Sirloin can be used to make skewers or kabobs, stir fry, sandwiches, salads, steak wraps, and more.
While a good pinch of salt and pepper goes a long way for this steak, the Top Sirloin is also a great cut to try with marinades, seasonings, or rubs. Medium rare is recommended to preserve the juicy and tender attributes of this steak. By following these recommendations, you are sure to have a great beef experience!
-brought to you by Brian Brozovic