Cut of the Month – Tri-Tip

The tri tip is a cut that comes from the sirloin region of the beef carcass. In a roast form, the tri tip is triangular in shape, but can be cut across the grain to make tri tip steaks. Lean and flavorful, the cut provides a beefy experience that is great for family meals. On the west coast it is also known as the Santa Maria Steak, conversely, on the east coast it is known by many in the steak form as the Newport Steak.
Like the brisket is to the South, the tri tip is quintessentially “The” BBQ cut for many west coast meat lovers. As the story is told, in the 1950’s the tri tip was used on the Schaefer Ranch in California when a group of ranchers from the Santa Maria, California area visited and took the knowledge they had gained about the cut home and started to market it as the “Santa Maria Tri Tip” with the help of the local Santa Maria Elks Club. To this day, the tri tip remains a very popular and highly sought after beef cut to many Californians and west coasters alike.
Santa Maria styled tri tip is typically prepared with salt, pepper, fresh garlic, and other seasonings grilled over red oak until medium rare and sliced against the grain. Other cooking methods include being roasted, smoked, baked, grilled, or braised. The tri tip takes very well to marinades and the addition of seasonings and rubs.
– brought to you by Brian Brozovic