Beef Striploin Roast: Herb-Topped Recipe

striploin roast

This beef (striploin) roast with roasted cauliflower from Beef It’s What’s For Dinner will be a huge hit! A juicy Top Loin Roast rubbed with a simple mixture of garlic and thyme for big time flavor and served with roasted cauliflower for more wow is the perfect dinner for the family or even the next […]

Cole Slaw Recipe

cole slaw recipe

You’re going to LOVE this cole slaw recipe! We’ve all had cole slaw, but you’ve never had cole slaw like this before. The perfect ratio of vinegar and mayo, plus extra seasonings like Meat Church lemon peppers and Lawry’s garlic salt. We have a few secrets up our sleeve so take a look below at […]

Gabrielle’s Homemade Caesar Salad

Caesar salad in a white bowl on a red and pink flower tablecloth

When we think of Valentine’s at Painted Hills Natural Beef, we think of Will cooking up some amazing skirt steaks or tri-tip on the grill and serving it with homemade Caesar salad, asparagus, and some good bread or maybe baked sweet potatoes. For others, it’s tenderloin filet steak with scallops, New York steak and lobster, […]