Schellville Grill

Schellville-PHNB-Smoked-Brisket-SandySchellville Grill is a traditional California roadhouse with the ever-present smoker out front. Serving up original Texas-style smoked BBQ, casual wine and country meals. The atmosphere is relaxing and nice, reminiscent of a backyard bbq at the neighbors. A must stop at spot for anyone visiting Sonoma.
In 2013, Chef Matthew traveled to Austin, Texas and fell in love with the roadhouse-style barbeque. Things have been smokin’ at the grill ever since! In 2013 Painted Hills Natural Beef became Chef Matthew Nagan’s choice of beef for the most awesome barbecue!
“I’m never disappointed. The New Yorks are the best…absolutely the best. Put a PHNB up against any dry aged and it will win hands down every time,” raves Chef Matt, “PHNB products have turned our business completely around.”
The daily lunch and dinner menus feature a PHNB Tri-Tip Sandy – tri-tip smothered in a tomato-beer-coffee, based BBQ sauce.
Weekends are special at Schellville with smoked brisket served with dirty gravy and caramelized onions. Be sure to ask for a side of house made Sweet Potato Fries or Tater Tots with the chipotle dipping sauce.
If you’re traveling through Sanoma’s wine country take time to stop in for a bite at Shellville Grill, you won’t be disappointed. In case you’re unprepared for the Cash Only policy – there’s an ATM available.

Open Thurs – Mon, 10AM – 8PM.

                                                                                   Schellville Grill
22900 Broadway, Sonoma, CA

                                                                                   -by Ellie Smith

Cut of the Month – Patties & Dogs

Hot dogs and hamburger patties are as American as apple pie, well actually, not really. But every year over the July 4th holiday and summer months, hamburger accounts for just over half of the total beef sold.

Additionally,during peak hot dog season, from Memorial Day to Labor Day, Americans typically consume 7 billion hot dogs. That’s 818 hot dogs consumed every second during that period!The hot dog found its beginnings early, as sausages weburger & dogsre first found in recorded history; as far back as 9th century b.c. Homer’s Odyssey. Later renditions are credited to multiple sources in Germany and Austria where the frankfurter and wiener were founded. From there, the hot dog expanded and has become one of the most popular processed meat items in the world.The founding of the hamburger is just as varied as its’ hot dog counterpart, though most believe the name comes from Hamburg, Germany. History recounts the Hamburg Steak and the hamburger sandwich as possible names giving insight into who and how they were founded.Regardless of how the hot dog and hamburger were founded, it is evident today that we have taken a simple meat product and turned it truly into a delicacy. Both hot dogs and hamburgers go well with grilling, broiling, or searing off in a skillet. Simple in nature, but both work well with additions to enhance their flavor. Bacon, cheese, condiments, etc. The options are endless!

-written by Brian Brozovic

Meet the Ranchers…Hough Ranch

Name: Donald & Lois Hough (Sounds like tough)
Operation Name: Hough Ranch
Location: Joseph, Oregon
How long in business: est 1952 Started ranching and teaching in Colorado, then moved to Joseph in 1971
Segment: Cow/Calf – Natural Program

PHNB: What brought you from Colorado to Oregon?
LOIS: We found a good ranch available for the right price. The area we lived in in Colorado was growing and becoming a bedroom community. We were looking to expand the herd when we found this property.
PHNB: Tell us a little bit about what a “typical” day might look like at this time of year.
LOIS: Well, first of all we check all the cattle, see what’s going on with them, see if anybody needs any help. Once that’s taken care of everyone gets fed. Then there’s doctoring to be done, grafting twins onto someone who’s lost a calf. Feeding takes up most of the day. Heifers need to be checked – now that we’re getting older checking the heifers at night doesn’t happen every night – we hire help when we need to. Calving season is about two months – into May sometimes. Then branding begins and hopefully turning out.
PHNB: What do you find most exciting about ranching?
LOIS: Oh probably the calving. Helping them out, watching them grow, weaning the babies.
PHNB: How long have you partnered with Painted Hills Natural Beef?
LOIS: We’ve been with PHNB since the beginning.
PHNB: What attracts you to Painted Hills Natural Beef?
LOIS: Seems like we met Merhten Homer at a county fair, maybe a beef auction. He approached us about the Natural Program, we liked the sound of it and signed up.
PHNB: What is your favorite cut of beef and preparation method?
LOIS: Grilled Steak – my favorite is the one that is the best buy [laughs]. I can fix a steak most any way. I just get the best buy. We used to always have something on three legs that we butchered, but these days we buy it from the store more often than not. Beef is my favorite, I prefer it to chicken or pork so that’s what I buy mostly.

The Tin Table

TTTLogo1If you’re looking for a classy environment, likable staff, tasty food and hand-crafted cocktails, it really doesn’t get much better than The Tin
Table. A complete cooked-from-scratch restaurant, The Tin Table, a tucked away romantic spot housed on the second floor of the 1908 historic Odd Fellows Hall in the Capitol Hill area of Seattle, Washington, showcases regional cuisine with an attention to locally sourced and sustainable farm fresh ingredients.
“Choosing to go out to dinner should feel like a celebration, and that’s what we do best” states Hallie Kuperman, Owner of The Tin Table & Century Ballroom.
Executive Chef Frank Wielgosiek uses the most thoughtfully raised ingredients. With a true commitment to the local farmer, he plans dishes around sustainably
produced, locally sourced ingredients like his award-winning meatloaf made with Painted Hills Natural Beef and Carlton Farms Pork.
Conveniently located across the hall is the Century Ballroom, where people of all skill levels enjoy many forms of dance. The ambiance is elegant yet comfortable and unhurried, “conducive for socializing for hours should you desire.” A great place for a date night or special occasion. Reservations recommended. Visit them online at
915 E Pine St., 2nd Fl, Seattle, WA 98122 | 206-320-8458
– written by Christine Smith

Lopez Village Market

LVM-logoWhether you are visiting Lopez Island or you live there full-time, Lopez Village Market has “everything you need and more”! When you visit, be ready to be pleasantly surprised not only by the vast selection in each department and the high quality of products, but also by the very competitive prices.Lopez Store was established in 1959 when William Carpenter Sr. opened its door in the building that is now The Fudge Factory. Over the years, the store grew.
In 2010, William Jr. (Bill), along with daughter Christine and her husband Aaron Dye, opened the doors of the new Lopez Village Market in Lopez Village. Lopez Village Market offers outstanding fresh produce, seafood and meats – including a wide selection of Painted Hills Natural Beef. Besides consistently tender and flavorful meat, LVM appreciates the friendly and professional service received from PHNB staff. “Scott calls twice a week to check in and see if we need anything or to send us POS materials. It’s like talking with a best friend, even though we’ve only met over the phone,” Meat Manager, Ambrose enthusiastically states. Lopez Villiage Market is your one-stop shopping inLopez Island. From grocieries to camping supplies and even 24 hours gas/desisl – LVM has what you need. Open 7 days a week, visit them at 162 Weeks Rd, Lopez Island, WA or online at
-written by Christine Smith

Quinn’s Pub

QuinnsWhat happens when a creative, classically trained chef looks over a bar menu and starts asking “what if?” The answer is both traditional and unexpected comfort food dishes. That is exactly what Scott Staples, one of America’s Best Chefs, created at Quinn’s Pub.
“The people who work at Quinn’s make it what it is. They’re artists and foodies. They’re like a family, in all the best ways. Walk in and you’ll sense the creative and independent spirit here, a continual experiment in what it means to be a great pub.”
Named one of the top 3 gastro pubs in Seattle by Most Best Seattle, Quinn’s serves high quality food alongside a range of beers, wines and cocktails. The unique menu features several PHNB offerings including PHNB Tartare served with rosemary crostini, quail egg and traditional seasonings; the ever popular PHNB Burger – a full half pound of our all natural ground beef served with artisan bacon and white cheddar on a brioche bun alongside a mound of hand-cut fries. For larger appetites, be sure to check out the PHNB Grass-Fed Hanger Steak.
Quinn’s is a very popular spot due to its prime location. The beer selection at Quinn’s would be reason enough to visit this restaurant, but the eclectic menu is what will keep you coming back.
Quinn’s Pub | 1001 E Pike St., Seattle, WA 98122

Meet the Ranchers…. Widman Ranch

Name: Mike Widman
Operation Name: Widman RanchCattle baker city
Location: Baker City, Oregon
How long in business: est 1864 by great-great grandfather, from Germany
Segment: Cow/Calf – Natural Program
PHNB: Tell us a little bit about what a “typical” day might look like at this time of year.
Mike: We’re running two herds, winter and spring. Calving season arrived early this year, first calve came in last night Sunday (1/24). It’s pretty much me when I calve. I check ‘em at midnight, and throughout the day. The cows always eat before I do. The days and nights consist of tagging, feeding, calving – every cow gets handled on the ranch. We have a wolf issue this year so we have to go through the herds in the bush and check on any calves there. During the snow it makes things a little more difficult. Gotta make sure the calves get dried off and warmed up. There’s always something to be done in the springtime. If your sittin’ still your not moving forward you’re going backwards. Weather is the biggest factor this time of year. The cows gotta work hard. It’s time to get ‘em off the hay and make ‘em earn their keep grazing. If you want to learn the quality of a cowman don’t look at a cowman’s pants, look at the cow herd they run.

PHNB: What do you find most exciting about ranching?
Mike: I started working on ranch when I was about 6 yrs old, buckin’ hay, feeding sheep, caring for cattle. I have a passion for watching those cattle grow. When they get about 60 days old you can kinda tell how they’re gonna be. Every cow and bull has to do their job or they don’t stay around very long.

PHNB: How long have you partnered with Painted Hills Natural Beef?
Mike: Widman Ranch was one of first producers for PHNB in the Baker City area.

PHNB: What attracts you to Painted Hills Natural Beef?
Mike: I like the quality of the cattle PHNB uses. They pay for good choice beef. Our beef grade out Choice to Prime. One thing about Meherten, he likes good cattle. My cattle always ranked in the top 5% of PHNB cattle. I like knowing how my cattle are doing from birth to when they’re on the rail. My cattle are high priority.

PHNB: What is your favorite cut of beef and preparation method?
Mike: Back in the day I’d said a ribeye, but these days a Flat-iron or Sirloin, of course I make a good hamburger. Just throw ‘em on the grill with some garlic, salt and pepper and it’s pretty good after a while.

Chester’s Thriftway


Chester’s Thriftway in John Day has been a family run business from the beginning. Along with the Thompson family members, Bill Wyllie has been the Store Manager over 32 years and Lenny Dowdy the Meat Department Manager for 31 years this May!
“Even though we’re the only full size store in the community, our customers travel, so we strive to provide the best service and products to make shopping here a good experience so they will return,” explains Bill Wyllie.
In the meat department discover a selection of fresh meats including a variety of Painted Hills Natural and Grass-fed products. “Our customers appreciate that it is local; this is beef raised by folks they know and have connections with,” states Lenny. “Once we introduced it, we have people who won’t buy anything else.”
Chester’s Thriftway in John Day specializes in the groceries your family needs. Whatever you are looking for, you’ll find it at Chester’s. Visit their supermarket and see what they have to offer.

You can also visit them online at or on
631 West Main St., John Day, OR 97845
Phone: (541) 575-1899

WhoopEmUp Hollow Cafe

WhoopEmUp Hollow Café is one of those unexpected delightful surprises you find in small town USA. Located in the sleepy town of Waitsberg, a short 20-mile drive from Walla Walla, WA, WhoopEmUp has been open since 2005. The cafe takes its name from a local hollow where legendary parties were once hosted by its residents. Specializing in Southern Regional Cuisine, foods are locally sourced whenever possible. Menu choices include the many flavors and cultures that make up the American South.
Chef Bryant Bader creates a menu that features southern favorites such as Hushpuppies, File Gumbo, and Bry’s Famous Jambalaya. Just in case you’re looking for something a bit more familiar try the Waitsburger, a fresh ground PHNB ribeye burger served on a house made bun or the “Wide Awake” Steak, an 8 oz PHNB ribeye steak grilled with a spiced coffee rub.
Whatever you choice, the service is remarkably personable and attentive. The wait-staff is very helpful in recommending items in case you’re unfamiliar with Southern foods. The bread basket served before your meal holds a variety of freshly baked cornbreads with honey butter. Be sure to save room for the awesome desserts, including the very southern Mississippi Mud Pie.
Anytime you’re near the Walla Walla area, we highly recommend you take some time to stop in at WhoopEmUp Hollow Café! True to small town habits, the hours can be casual, so if you’re driving out of your way you’ll want to check in first.
120 Main Street, Waitsburg, WA. 509.337.9000